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Wastewater Magnetic Flow Meters2
Posted by : Li Shen | Sep 26, 2022
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1. Product Name:Wastewater Magnetic Flow Meters
2. Product Description:A magnetic flow meter, also referred to as mag flow meter, it is a volumetric flow meter that measures liquids or liquid slurries that have a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm. The magnetic flow meter not have any moving parts to wear, reducing the need for maintenance or replacement. Accuracy over a wide flow range can be as good as ± 0.5% of flow rate or better.
3. Price:850.00
4. Product Website: www
5. Company Description: Woshilong Instrument (Beijing)Co.,Ltd
6. Address: BeijingBeijingBeijingShijingshanNo.9 Shuangyuan Rd, Shijingshan District hi-tech park, Beijing.
7. Descption: ? Specialized in Flowmeter, Level Meter & Analyzers production.
? Including zirconia oxygen analyzer/electromagnetic flowmeter /ultrasonic flow meter/balanced flowmeter/ultrasonic level meter / radar level gauge.
? The products apply in a wide range of industries in the petrochemicals, safety and environmental protection, steel and water treatment.
? As a professional manufacturer, the specific solution programme could be provided to different work condition.
8. Registered Capital: 1000
9. EmployeeNum: 43
Woshilong Instrument (Beijing)Co.,Ltd
10. Contact: Maggie Fu
11. Telphone: 86-029-88610736
12. Fax: 86-010-56531961
13. Email:
14. Company Website: www

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